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Assistant Prof. Sal Prima Yudha S.

 Inorganic and Material Chemistry

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Education: University of Lampung (1997) (B.Sc), University of Indonesia (2001) (M.S), and Tohoku University (2006) (D.Sc.)



Selected Publications:

 Salprima Yudha S, Eka Angasa, Totok Eka Suharto, Yuta Nishina, Zulfikri Achid Mardlia, Sipriadi: “The Scaevola frutescen (Mill.) Krause Dried-Leaves Extract as a Potential Natural Reduction System for Synthesis of Gold Nanoparticles and Their Evaluation for  Antibacterial of Eschericia colThe 6th Nanoscience and Nanotechnology Symposium (NNS), Solo, November 5-5,  2015

Salprima Yudha S, Eka Angasa, Totok Eka Suharto, Yuta Nishina, Zulfikri Achid Mardlia: Production of Gold nanoparticles from chloroaurate ions using Aqueous Extract of Air-Dried Premna obtusifulia Leaves. Research Journal of Pharmaceutical, Biological, and Chemical Sciences, 2015, 6(4); 1802-1806.

Salprima Yudha S., Zulfikri Achid Mardlia, Eka Angasa, Totok Eka Suharto, Yuta Nishina. “The 9th Joint Conference of Chemistry (ISBN 978-602-285-049-6) 12-13 November 2014”, Semarang, Indonesia. The utility of Aqueous Extract of Air-dried Callophylum inophylum L. leaf as Medium/Reduction System for Synthesis of Gold Nanopraticles.  

Salprima Yudha S, Indra Kusuma, Naoki Asao: Aerobic oxidation of hydroxylamines with nanoporous gold catalyst as an efficient synthetic method of nitrones. Tetrahedron 05/2015;  DOI:10.1016/j.tet.2015.05.094

Tamilselvi Chinnusamy, Salprima Yudha S., Markus Hager, Peter Kreitmeier, Oliver Reiser: Application of Metal-Based Reagents and Catalysts in Microstructured Flow Devices. ChemSusChem 02/2012; 5(2):247-55. DOI:10.1002/cssc.201100444

Full publications: here

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