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Master Degree in Chemistry, 

Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences,

                           The University of Bengkulu,

                            Now is open for REGISTRATION.


The master's degrees in Chemistry is a strategic commitment by The University of Bengkulu to contribute to social progress through the formation of professionals, researchers and entrepreneurs in chemistry field that needed in the most innovative economic and social sectors.

We are looking for ambitious, enthusiastic and motivated students. You'll have the passion to succeed, the independence to take on your own projects, and the ability to publish your research results in reputable journals or high level international conference in chemistry, chemical engineering and related fields.


Make sure to register during the official registration period, because only then will you be guaranteed a place in your compulsory courses. The registration periods for the  Master course in Chemistry of the 2016-2017 academic year are:

Semester 1 (Periode 1)  All full-time taught Master courses start in FEBRUARY 2017.

Course registration open:  November 1st, 2016  (09.00 am)

Course registration period close : December 30, 2016  (04.00 pm)

Semester 1 (Periode 2) All full-time taught Master courses start in SEPTEMBER 2017.

Course registration open: June 1st, 2017  (09.00 am)

Course registration period close : July 30, 2017  (04.00 pm)

Minimum admission qualifications

A candidate shall be eligible for registration for the Masters course in Chemistry if he/she has;

(i)   University Degree in chemistry, biology, pharmacy, physic, chemical engineering, physical engineering, all fields sciences education, and Bachelor of Medical Studies from a recognized institution with a credit or distinction in at least 2 subjects related to Chemistry.

(ii) Candidates with a pass degree will also be considered for admission if they have satisfied the department/faculty that they have exhibited academic potential through extensive field work, subsequent research experience and/or additional training.



There is a single admissions round each year, for courses starting in September the following year (or for deferred entry in September the year after that).  We do not offer early admission or early decision.

International student that plans to conduct study in Bengkulu (Indonesia territory), they should apply individually by email to Department of Chemistry:

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

and you will  receive  the  acceptance  letter  from  The University of Bengkulu.  After  receiving  the  acceptance letter, you have to process for getting a study per mit from the Ministry of Research, Technology, and Higher Education, of Republic of Indonesia.


Testimony: Mr. Rizki Rahmad - Student Exchange in Japan

At November 5th 2014 until 9th January 2015, I visited Department Chemistry and Biomolecular Science, Gifu University, Japan as a visiting student. I was supervised by Prof. Mamoru Koketsu and Morina Adfa Ph.D to research in natural product of chemistry. At the end, I has been isolation three lignins from bark of Cinnamomum parthenoxylon by using silica column chromatography and learned how to use the high technology instrument, such as NMR, IR and Mass Spectroscopy which made me easier to get a best result. This data had published in International Journal and presented in International conference. This short-term program provided me to get international relation. It caused I meet the foreign people and joined GU-GLEE 1st International joint meeting which attended by rector from the sister universities. All of them were kind and have a good attitude.  My soft skill in language has been increase automatically while made a communication with the foreign people.

Beside academic and international relation, I also did a society and culture program. In Japan I found different society, culture, weather and discipline. Japan have a good facilities and everything can we get easily. I felt snow and enjoyed the situation which never I got before. It so amazed me.  For the first time, Koketsu laboratory members and me visited one of the island in Japan (Himakajima Island). In there I learned something about society in Japan. It’s totally different with our country, Indonesia.

         Finally specially thank for my supervisor (Morina Adfa Ph.D and Prof. Mamoru Koketsu), University of Bengkulu supported me as long as joint with this exchange program. This program has contribution for me to enhance my academic experience and utilize my soft skill will provide me better opportunities to learn from the best country especially Japan. I had the best memories as long as stay in Japan. It is like a dream come be true for me. But nothing impossible if we effort to catch it. 

Testimony: Mr. Komei Kato - Student Exchange from Japan



Dear My friend and My family

I’m very happy to come here and meet you.

I look at my right hand and I remember many events in Bengkulu. First, the life in Bengkulu starts from shaking hands by my right hand. The view, environment, temperature, culture and language. Everything is different from Japan. It’s fresh and the beginning of cheerful days. At the same time, it’s the beginning of like training because I can’t speak Indonesian and I can speak little English. I was very exhausted the fist few days. But I met you and lived with you. My life changed to just cheerful days. I cam find important thing and you changed me, you have a great personality for examples very kind, friendly, funny , exciting and serious etc. I’m a foreigner and I’m afraid because I can’t speak Indonesian. Bu you accept me and try to entertain me. But I think, if I do nothing, I can’t enjoy my stay. So I do everything which I have like you. By the way , I ate lunch by my right hand. I can enjoy my stay by doing so and I can find important thing. It’s true happiness and real me. Japan has better environment , a lot of money and many goods in comparison with Indonesia.

But when it comes to people who live in the country, I think Indonesia is better, because everyone looks like happy and there are the smiling faces everywhere. So I can find it. If I don’t come here, I can’t find it and may be my life wil end up false happiness and me. So this trip become a very special moment. Thank you.

Finally, I say goodbye by my right hand. I’m so sad, but I have to go back to Japan to tell about you to Japanese friends. And I’ll be back. March, 2016 absolutely !

This is my story of right hand.

Arigatou gozaimashita

 Komei Kato

Testimony: Mr. Singo Takagi- Student Exchange from Japan 2015

Firstly, I say thank you for everything. I was supported by my parents, family, all member of Koketsu Laboratory, Mrs. Morina , Arif , Rizki, an Mr. Fio etc. I keep a thankful heart, then I think that this experiences are very good because I have stayed at guest house in Bengkulu Indonesia for one month. I felt many kinds of cultures and traditions in Indonesia. I developed as a person. This experience are helpful in my life because that is the cause of thinking myself. I’m happy that I could came here.

When I belong to Koketsu laboratory , in fact , I’m not positive for studying abroad. I have never taken a plane , to say nothing of going abroad. My parents and members of  Koketsu Laboratory often worried about me and no wonder , I have to go to Bengkulu University by my self. I need to think everything by my self. I did not know foreign countries , and worried about going abroad. Play luck unusual occurrences or incidents then, I have arrived at Bengkulu airport by using little English in my flight. I met a teacher who can speak Japanese weel. I can talk with him. I surprised that were a few  people can speak Japanese well in Bengkulu University. And I felt that Indonesian people are very kindness and welcome me. Arif help me for everything. For example, he pick up me everyday by his motorbike and he deal with my demands. Thank for him very much.When I return back to Japan, I help him as possible as I can in my capacity of his tutor. And I was lucky because I have been go to three place in Indonesia. That’s Bengkulu, Padang and Rizki Hometown. I got good memories there because I experienced cultures in Indonesia. I could take many picture there for record of coming in Indonesia. I’m happy . I met many kindness people . I worried about studying abroad before I go to Bengkulu University Indonesia. But I felt, good place. Now I developed through I met many people. Thank you for everything.

In conclusion, thank you for Mrs. Morina. It is thanks to the teacher that I come to Bengkulu University in safety. When she knows that I can not speak English, she talks me with Japanese. Then I’m happy . I think that I may became  serious in my life. But I want to use these experiences to overcome it.

Koketsu Laboratory B4

Shingo Takagi

Testimony: Mr. Syahri Anggara - Student Exchange in Thailand

The objective to become a senior researcher and lecturer has emerged during my study time in Department of Chemistry, Faculty of Natural Sciences and Mathemathics, University of Bengkulu. Such stance derives from the conviction that education serves as the most powerful instrument in shaping the mind of a person and is also line to make a change. Contemplating from my own experience, the understanding and practical propensity in Chemistry and its research knowledge I had gained from my lecturers lingers to affect my daily life and future endeavors. The aformentioned goal above give me a passion, and that passion in Chemistry knowledge has lead my self to join in 1 year course in chemistry and research student exchange program between University of Bengkulu and Rajamanggala University of Srivijaya.

The program was supported by International Liasion Office of University of Bengkulu and held from 2012 to 2013. I stayed in Nakhon Sithammarat, Sai Yai Campus at university-owned house that are pretty colse to the class room.This program is a strategic program, especially for additional insight into student at the University of Bengkulu, which is accompanied by cultural mission, with hope in an educational exchanges process it can be the parameter’s for correction on  the application ofthe education system in each university and also an objective of assimilation of the course with the advantages possessed by each university, and I am that follow this program are expected to gain an added value in the point of view of scientific thinking about an object.

Through this Student Exchange Program, I am really expected to obtain a new pattern in the application of a good education system.  In addition, I am who have been selected are fairly had a potent for brings various abroad missions cooperation with other Univeristy, such as social mission, culture and politics, in which the one who follow the program will also be doing extra curriculum activities in the aim to introduce wisdom and the rich culture and open horizons of others in view of Indonesia, particularly the province of Bengkulu. It is considered to be quite effective as compared to the reflection through a trance medium, in which a positive imaging should be mentioned in repairing or improving public understanding of Indonesia and also the event that introduced Bengkulu province.


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